Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Client Reviews

You are a wonderful man. Thank you for helping to take care of this aging body of mine. I am really trying to get into better shape and will continue to work at it and then let you work the "kinks" out. I believe that touch is a very spiritual part of our life.

Thank you for the great massage today. I have no criticisms of your style and nothing but praise for your touch. As a professional masseur, I love getting a massages from other professionals and studying their techniques, you have great combination of therapeutic touch and relaxing strokes. I look forward to getting another massage from you soon. - Jay

Charlie -- Thanks for a perfect massage today. You worked every part of my body with just the right combination of pressure and gentle touch. I felt completely relaxed and virtually floated for the rest of the day. The total experience was fabulous. (You can include the prior sentences in your reviews if you wish, but everyone else has been equally impressed.) I also enjoyed talking with you and getting to know you. Best regards. - Red

Your touch is marvelous and does wonders for my body. Thank you for letting me be a part of the experience. I always enjoy seeing you, too.

The massage was great in all aspects! Thank you very much for it. I also liked the talk afterwards. As I said, I wish we lived closer to each other. If so, I'd certainly be there more often. As it is, I will say that I will call you again soon for another session. Take good care of yourself!

Thanks, as always. Another fantastic, relaxing evening. I definitely enjoyed the massage! I'll work on doing more stretches, too.

Thanks, Charlie. The massage did me a world of good, as your hands can probably tell you -- and it was just a lot of fun.

Thank you, Charlie. I had a very good time, and I will be back.

Charlie, I enjoyed spending time with you very much. The massage was wonderful. Your touch is thoughtful and kind; qualities that mean a lot to me. Until I see you again, take good care of yourself.

As usual... thanks. I really appreciate the warm, friendly, intimate environment when I come to you for massage. You are overly kind and giving. I carry a lot of issues and weight and tend to hold it all inside. Thanks for enabling me to drift away for that period of time.

Thank you for a terrific massage and your kind words. You provide a comfortable, free environment and as usual, I return to the apartment refreshed, yet relaxed and will sleep like a baby tonight. Forgive my eccentricities and know how much I appreciate your massage and company.

I had a good time yesterday with you. You are a great massage therapist! The massage you gave me is exactly the kind of massage I love. You have a wonderful touch and, although it was my first time with you, I felt very relaxed! So thanks again for a great massage. The best in gay male massage!


  1. I can say that I got one of the best massages in my life from Charlie. Thank you.
    He was very accomadating of my requests (including being very nice if the answer was no). Long and short, I've been back and will continue to do so again and again.
    - The guy with the tattoos

  2. Hi Charlie,

    Once again I want to say thanks for a wonderful massage. It was "Sensational". You've got very skilled, healing hands and I feel fantastic! I'm already eager for the next time!
    - Nick

  3. Charlie:

    Thank you again for a wonderful experience. Two days afterwards and I fee sensational.


  4. I have never felt that comfortable with a therapist before. Thank you. I was finally able to relax.

  5. Hi Charlie,

    You have an excellent and caring touch that made the massage very therapeutic. The experience was amazing and truly satisfying. Whoa, how exquisite!

    Take care and rest well. And especially, Thanks Again!


  6. I came to see you because my regular guy was out of town. You were recommended to me by a guy named Jack. The session was GREAT! Thank you so much.
    - Aiden

  7. Charlie,
    I just wanted to say thanks for the great massage today. It was a
    pleasure meeting and chatting with you as well. I had a great time
    and I felt at ease the whole session. I was also very relaxed for the
    rest of the day. You now have another regular customer as I will
    definitely see you again.
    -- Reg

  8. I have received numerous massages from Charlie. His massage room is quite and clean. My body and mind are both relaxed after his massage. I haven't had chance to go to him lately due to scheduling. However, I would highly recommend him.

    -- D Card

  9. If you have a choice... and let's face it, if you're looking for a massage, you HAVE a choice... use it wisely by choosing Charlie. You won't be disappointed.

    He is pleasant and professional. His apartment is relaxing and very clean. And above all, he has the skills in massage that you're after! I cannot recommend him enough!